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You Can Use These Pokemon Backgrounds for Your Next Zoom Call

pokemon zoom backgrounds

You Can Use These Pokemon Backgrounds for Your Next Zoom Call

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and people maintaining distance from each other, tons of folks are working from home and taking classes online. With some people having to use video conferencing apps like Zoom, having the perfect virtual background is a must if you want to add some pop to your next meeting and what better way than with Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company has graciously released dozens of neat virtual Pokemon backgrounds that should serve to be useful for those hardcore fans out there.

You can download the images down below and if you want even more, just go over to the official Pokemon site:

For more on Pokemon, you can check out our glowing review of Pokemon Sword and Shield from late last year; you can also check out the latest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings, and you can read up on the new Pokemon anime that’s exclusively coming to Netflix this summer.

If you’re playing Pokemon GO or Sword and Shield, do be sure to look into our expansive Guide Wikis for tips and tricks!

Have fun with your new virtual backgrounds!

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