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Fortnite: Stoke a Campfire, Consume Foraged Apple & Mushroom in Single Match Guide

fortnite stoke campfire consumed foraged apple mushroom guide

Fortnite: Stoke a Campfire, Consume Foraged Apple & Mushroom in Single Match Guide

One of the Fortnite Skye week 8 challenges tasks players to ‘Stoke a Campfire, Consume a Foraged Apple and Consume a Mushroom in a Single Match.’ While simple in premise, if you don’t know where to find these different items, this can take a lot longer than it really should. Thankfully, we’ve found a spot where you can find all three of these things very close to one another.

Stoking a Campfire, Consuming a Foraged Apple & a Mushroom in a Single Match of Fortnite

While you can find campfires, apples and mushrooms in various spots on Fortnite’s map, we’ve marked the locations of mushrooms, a campfire, and apples that you can use to complete this week 8 challenge below.

campfire apple mushroom fortnite map
Key: Blue – Mushrooms, Yellow – Campfire, Red – Apples

The blue splodge is a mushroom spawn spot, the yellow is where you can find two campfires, and the red is where you’ll find apples on the floor.

To complete this challenge easily, we’d advise dropping at Weeping Woods to begin with. Just southwest of the main camp area, you’ll find a spot with a bunch of foraged mushrooms you can consume.

consuming foraged mushrooms in Fortnite
Consuming Foraged Mushrooms in Fortnite

Walk a little bit into the center of Weeping Woods and you’ll find one of two campfires you can stoke. These are literally seconds away from the mushrooms.

stoking campfires in fortnite
Stoking Campfires in Fortnite

Finally, you’ll want to head to the foraged apples marked on the map above. These are under the same tree as one of the honey pots you had to find for the ‘For the Bears‘ secret mission.

It’s also directly south of the Agency, a short run from Weeping Woods. Before heading off to eat up those apples, make sure you get some wood from the trees, build a few ramps up and jump off to take some damage.

This is because you can’t consume a foraged apple in Fortnite if you’re at full health.

Consuming Foraged Apples in Fortnite
Consuming Foraged Apples in Fortnite

There are about five foraged apples on the ground in the location shown above, so eat one of those up and you’ll have completed this Fortnite week 8 challenge.

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