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Fortnite: SHADOW & GHOST Ollie Locations


Fortnite: SHADOW & GHOST Ollie Locations

With the arrival of the Skye’s Adventure week 8 challenges yesterday in Fortnite, players can now unlock the GHOST or SHADOW mission objectives to unlock either of these skins for Skye herself. Depending on whether you want Skye’s SHADOW or GHOST style, you’ll be tasked with finding either SHADOW Ollie at Weeping Woods, or GHOST Ollie at Frenzy Farm. We’re here to guide you right to their locations.

Upon completing 18 of the 20 Skye’s Adventure challenges from week 7 and week 8, players will then be given two challenges, one SHADOW, and one GHOST. You can only complete one of these, and whichever one you complete will unlock that ‘style’ for your Skye skin.

The SHADOW or GHOST skin styles for Skye can be unlocked by completing one of the following challenges:

  • Find Shadow Ollie in Weeping Woods
  • Find Ghost Ollie at Frenzy Farm

For those unaware, Ollie is Skye’s hat with wings. The SHADOW Ollie is black with pink wings, while the GHOST Ollie is green with yellow wings.

Where to Find SHADOW Ollie in Weeping Woods & GHOST Ollie in Frenzy Farm in Fortnite

We’ve marked the locations of both the GHOST Ollie in Frenzy Farm and the SHADOW Ollie in Weeping Woods on the map below.

Note: You must be wearing the Skye skin to make both the SHADOW Ollie and the GHOST Ollie appear in your game.

fortnite shadow ollie location, fortnite ghost ollie location
GHOST Ollie and SHADOW Ollie Locations in Fortnite


Shadow Ollie, as noted previously, is a black hat with pink wings. It can be found just to the east of the largest building in Weeping Woods, just north of the little campsite area.

shadow ollie in fortnite
Shadow Ollie

As long as you’re wearing the Skye skin and land here, the SHADOW Ollie will appear once you get close enough.


As for GHOST Ollie, that can be found just south of the large red barn and the large tree at the very north of Frenzy Farm. It’s also just by some corn fields, as shown in the image below.

fortnite ghost ollie location

GHOST Ollie is a little different, as once you get close and interact with it, it’ll bounce away. It’ll do this two times, so be prepared to chase it around a bit.

Skye’s SHADOW & GHOST Styles

You can check out what the SHADOW and GHOST styles for Skye’s skin look like in the image below. The GHOST style is on the left, while the SHADOW style is on the right.

Skye's GHOST & SHADOW Styles in Fortnite
Skye’s GHOST (left) & SHADOW (right) Styles

There you have everything you need to know about where to find SHADOW Ollie in Weeping Woods and GHOST Ollie in Frenzy Farm. You’ve now got the SHADOW or GHOST style for Skye.

Head over to our wiki for more tips, tricks, and guides on the current season.

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