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Fortnite: Rapid’s Rest, Gorgeous Gorge & Shark Locations

fortnite rapids rest gorgeous gorge shark

Fortnite: Rapid’s Rest, Gorgeous Gorge & Shark Locations

The Fortnite week 7 challenges, also known as Skye’s Adventure have arrived. For the most part, these are fairly simple, but the main thing that’ll trip you up with these are tracking down specific named locations. For one challenge, players need to visit Rapid’s Rest, Gorgeous Gorge, and The Shark. While The Shark’s pretty straightforward, the others may have you a little lost.

Rapid’s Rest, Gorgeous Gorge & The Shark in Fortnite

These three named locations have been marked on the Fortnite map below for your convenience.

Rapid’s Rest – G6

Rapid’s Rest can be found in grid reference G6, literally just to the east of Lazy Lake.

Rapid's Rest in Fortnite
Rapid’s Rest in Fortnite

You’re looking out for a bunch of rocks surrounding a jeep with a motorboat on a trailer on the back. There is also a little hut tower on the opposite side of the river with some canoes on the rocks here, too.

Gorgeous Gorge – F5

Gorgeous Gorge can be found just northwest of Lazy Lake in grid reference F5. It’s an enormous waterfall with high cliffs surrounding it.

Gorgeous Gorge in Fortnite
Gorgeous Gorge in Fortnite

We’d recommend walking over to where the waterfall is itself, as opposed to standing on the other side, just to make sure that this registers for the challenge.

The Shark – B1

The Shark is a named location on the map and one you’re likely already familiar with. It’s the island in grid reference B1 that looks like a giant shark.

Keep in mind that Henchmen and Skye herself will be at the Shark and will shoot you on-sight, so be prepared for a fight, or to escape as soon as you land.

There you have the Fortnite Rapid’s Rest, Gorgeous Gorge and Shark locations. Head over to our wiki for more guides, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage below.

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