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5 Games With Easter Events Worth Checking Out

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5 Games With Easter Events Worth Checking Out

Gears 5’s Bunny Hunt

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Love chainsawing both people and Swarm in half? Can’t get enough of blowing someone’s head off with one swift shot of your Gnasher Shotgun, but want to enjoy some Easter festivities in the process? First, what’s wrong with you, but second, same!

And apparently, the talented team over at The Coalition feel you, too. That’s why the Bunny Hunt event has returned for a limited time in Gears 5.

For those unaware, Bunny Hunt is basically the Guardian game mode with one or two twists. First, the ‘leader’ of each team (randomly selected at the start of a round) will be given a giant bunny head with ears that’ll poke out over all that waist-high cover.

The weapon loadouts are changed up a bit, too, with precision-based weapons taking the spotlight.

What makes things even better is once you’ve played 10 matches of Bunny Hunt, you’ll get the Easter Loadout Weapon Skin Set, regardless of whether you win or lose.

You’ll have to act fast, though, as the event ends Monday, April 13.

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