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Destiny 2 Desperately Needs These Shadowy Rumors to Be True

destiny 3 rumors

Destiny 2 Desperately Needs These Shadowy Rumors to Be True

If you’re at all invested in the Destiny 2 community and its goings-on, you’ll know a lot of people, across all game modes, are not thrilled with Season of the Worthy.

The crown jewel of the season, the super hyped up Trials of Osiris, has major problems with the way that it is dishing out rewards and thus, average to below-average PvPers are spending their time elsewhere each weekend.

The PvE content, the reason most people play, for this season boils down to harder lost sectors, harder nightfalls, a new public event, and a massive bounty grind.

The main gameplay loop this season, the Bunker Upgrades, are neat but are extremely limited as to where they can be utilized. If you could bring the Valkyrie and the Heavy Frame Unit into Nightfalls or even Garden of Salvation for a season, that would have been something worth investing hours into.

But just to do the legendary lost sectors, bunker clears, and the new public event a little faster? Meh. Really the only thing the season has going for it are the creative new PvE builds utilizing the new Warmind Mods.

You can compare Season of the Worthy to any other season in Destiny 2, even the much-maligned Season of the Drifter, and it would feel meager. At least Season of the Drifter added a distinct new PvE event, overhauled Gambit, and had meatier feeling exotic quests.

Just when all seemed pretty dark, a familiar rumor popped up again. It has spread throughout various communities but this video from KackisHD is probably the best summary if you want to get up to speed with great detail.

In a nutshell though, the rumor covers a purported “leak” of the fall expansion this year which is called Collapse. It will be revealed this June and will focus on the invasion of the Darkness leading to a second collapse for humanity and Earth.

There will be a new shadowy enemy faction led by the Winnower, the saintly figure seen at the end of the Shadowkeep expansion and Garden of Salvation, and guardians will somehow learn to embrace the darkness to an extent, and each class will gain a new Darkness themed subclass.

destiny 2, shadowy rumors
Could this figure from the Garden of Salvation be the rumored Winnower?

It continues that this was all originally meant to be part of Destiny 3, but has been repurposed into a Forsaken-level expansion for Destiny 2.

If you’ve paid attention to Destiny 2 rumors over the years this will likely sound familiar. It’s essentially a resurfacing of the old Anon the Nine rumors about Destiny 3 which was “expanded” on by another leaker by the name of Shadow of the Anon.

The Shadow of Anon the Nine account chipped in with leaks of their own but most of it turned out to be wrong, while the original Anon the Nine rumors about Forsaken turned out to be point for point accurate. It’s possible though that Shadow of Anon the Nine was correct about what was in the works at the time, but the timing was off as some things it predicted such as the appearance of the Rose weapon (although it was legendary, not exotic), were correct. And that now, perhaps, the rest of their predictions are coming into fruition.

All of the rumblings of what’s to come for Destiny as a whole do point to The Darkness. In-game, the focus has been elsewhere over the last two seasons, but the Shadowkeep expansion teased the arrival of The Darkness in full force heavily, and there have been subtle hints in Season of the Worthy as well.

Rasputin’s sensors have picked up what looks to be Pyramid Ships, the preferred mode of transportation of The Darkness, in the far reaches of the Solar System, just kind of lurching around similar to the Reapers and the Milky Way from Mass Effect. The rumors, although completely unrealized so far, at the very least dovetail with what’s happening in-game and at least some of them came from a reliable source.

the darkness, destiny
Old concept art depicting what looks like a Darkness stronghold of some kind and the Winnower.

For fans that are starved for something they can really sink their teeth into from both a gameplay and story perspective, these rumors are tantalizing.

The Darkness has been teased since day 1 of year 1, and having it finally arrive would be a momentous event. Classes and subclasses are getting stale and the addition of a new subclass, with a never used before “element” and new supers would be a major shakeup. And finally, each iteration of this rumor has stated that there would be a focus on catering to the hardcore community. If true, this would presumably mean more new, interesting and challenging PvE events that would recapture the attention of the game’s most loyal fans.

A refocusing of the overall narrative of Destiny, a mixup of the core gameplay, and challenging things to do are the stuff that fans have been asking for since Forsaken started to get stale, and these rumors, if true, would deliver.

While we should all take them with a major grain of salt, and personally, I don’t really buy most if not all of it considering the issues that Bungie is having storage space at the moment, it doesn’t hurt to be hopeful.

If it’s not true, and this fall another Shadowkeep-length expansion is released that still doesn’t somehow deliver on moving The Darkness angle to its climax and does not meaningfully mix up the routine/gameplay for Destiny 2 players, Year 4 could be dark alright, but for all the wrong reasons.

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