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7 Things You Should Do First in Final Fantasy VII Remake

final fantasy 7 remake

7 Things You Should Do First in Final Fantasy VII Remake

It’s finally here! What was once thought of as simply a pipe dream is now real, and Final Fantasy VII Remake has been officially released worldwide. Here are a few things you should do first once you boot up the game.

Play on Normal Difficulty

things you should do first in final fantasy 7 remake

At the start, Final Fantasy VII Remake offers you three difficulty levels: Classic, Easy, and Normal. Easy and Normal are essentially the same thing: you’ll be fighting your enemies, action-RPG style, and you can enter tactical mode by pressing the X button to bring up the command menu. This slows time down to a crawl, allowing you to make decisions and choose what abilities you want to use in the heat of battle. Easy mode just makes the enemies a little less tough.

Classic mode sounds cool, like it should be made for fans of the turn-based combat system, but it really isn’t. This mode completely removes the action elements of the game, and enemy toughness is the same as it would be on Easy mode. You’ll just be making decisions as the ATB charges fill up, and the characters will block and evade perfectly. It’s a pretty boring way to play, and will get old fast.

For the full experience, play on Normal mode. Final Fantasy VII Remake is not a particularly challenging game, as long as you’re reading your ability and spell tool tips as they pop up.

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