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4 Things to Do After Beating Resident Evil 3


4 Things to Do After Beating Resident Evil 3

Alright so, real talk here: Resident Evil 3 isn’t a particularly long game. You’re definitely going to beat the single-player campaign in a few play sessions, and once you do, you’re gonna be wondering what you can do next. And that’s where we come in. Here are a few things you can do after beating Resident Evil 3 to keep the zombie scare train going.

Play on Hardcore Difficulty

resident evil 3

The first and most obvious thing to do after beating Resident Evil 3 is to play it again, but on a higher difficulty level. If you beat the game on Assisted, play it again on Standard. And if you beat it on Standard, move on up to Hardcore. Now that you have a basic understanding of how the game works and what the pacing is like, you’ll be able to challenge yourself by playing a more difficult version of the same experience.

Especially for longtime fans of the series, Resident Evil 3’s Hardcore difficulty mode offers a pretty good challenge. While you don’t need ink ribbons to save your game like you did in the RE2 remake’s Hardcore mode, the challenge comes from being able to deal with the multitude of zombies in this game, and Nemesis on top of that.

While playing on Hardcore, you’ll receive less ammo with item pickups, and you’ll also receive less when crafting. With how action-oriented RE3 is, not having enough ammo to deal with the zombies will really force you make full use of the quickstep to get around them, or be very strategic in choosing which ones you want to kill or dismember.

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