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We’re Still Waiting for These 3 Xbox Exclusives to Get a Sequel


We’re Still Waiting for These 3 Xbox Exclusives to Get a Sequel

Sunset Overdrive

Xbox exclusives that need sequels

One of the Xbox One’s biggest and best exclusives in its early years was Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive.

The story was simple, an energy drink company had messed with its formula and it resulted in a ton of monsters invading the city. It was down to you and an insane arsenal of weapons to save the city by grinding on telephone wires, leaping through the air, and avoiding staying still or touching the ground at any cost.

What you got was a splattering of vibrant colors as you flipped through the air, raining down pain on the orange creatures that bayed for your blood below. The whole thing was really zany and out there, and the world offered up plenty of reasons to explore so you weren’t just constantly making a beeline for the next main objective marker.

Throw in Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Mode — its version of Horde — and you’ve got a truly great way to kill a few hours with friends, too.

Insomniac Games even released a Season Pass, offering up even more content for fans who couldn’t get enough…. BUT IT WASN’T ENOUGH!

While we’re not entirely sure about the logistics of a Sunset Overdrive sequel, with developer Insomniac Games now a Sony-owned studio, we’re going to cross our fingers and hope for a multi-platform release all the same.

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