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Are You a True Xbox Fan? Take This Trivia Quiz to Find Out

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Are You a True Xbox Fan? Take This Trivia Quiz to Find Out

Although the Xbox hasn’t been around as long as Nintendo consoles or Sony’s PlayStation, the console line still has a lot of history. From trying to compete with a market heavily owned by the Japanese, to becoming a household name and selling tens of millions of consoles. Even though the Xbox console had Microsoft behind it, it’s still a feat to compete in the video game console market and do as well as the Xbox has done.

So you see, while they may not have as long of history as other game companies, and they may not have the backing of the Japanese market, Xbox is still a powerhouse of a brand that is doing a lot of great things for, and within the industry. It’s no surprise they have built such a dedicated fan base.

But how about you? Are you a true Xbox fanatic? Take this quiz we put together to find out.

Are You A True Xbox Fan? Take This Trivia Quiz To Find Out

What was the code name for the first prototype of the Xbox 360?
Where was the original Xbox announced?
How many gigabytes of RAM did the Xbox 360 have?
How many games did the original Xbox launch with?
What date was Xbox Live launched on the original Xbox worldwide?
How much money did Microsoft purchase Rare for?
What was the last game released for the original Xbox?
The Xbox 360 was known to have a high rate of hardware failure, what was the nickname for this occurrence?
What game on the original Xbox had the now-famous promise before the game's release that the player would be able to "plant an acorn and watch it grow into a tree" as the game progressed?
When year did the Xbox Adaptive Controller release for the Xbox One?
How much does an Original Xbox weigh?
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