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Play Football Manager 2020 Free For The Next Week

football manager 2020

Play Football Manager 2020 Free For The Next Week

Given the abundance of time on our hands, I think it’s time we pick up a new career, namely football management. Luckily for you, the franchises newest installment, Football Manager 2020, is currently free, and will be for the next seven days.

Only on Steam, Football Manager will be free to play from March 18 until 3PM on March 25 for PC and Mac, according to the official twitter.

Simply download the game off of Steam, and the game will be fully playable, granted only for a limited time.

Football Manager joins GOG and many others in making their games available for free for those who have been locked in by the growth of the Coronavirus, so if you’re bored and stuck inside, maybe you can add some new games to your library.

For more on the influence of the virus on the games industry, you can read about how both Bethesda and Remedy switched to remote work, and how all major Pokemon Go events in the foreseeable future has been cancelled.

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