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Persona 5 Royal: How to Change Mementos

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Persona 5 Royal: How to Change Mementos

When the original Persona 5 first released for PS3 and PS4 a couple years back, one of the biggest complaints was that Mementos was too dull and repetitive. With Persona 5 Royal, Atlus has implemented a few new changes to make it a little bit more exciting. Here’s how to change Mementos in Persona 5 Royal.

Changing Mementos in Persona 5 Royal

When you’re first introduced to Mementos in the game, you’ll also meet Jose, a new character and vendor that you can interact with. While exploring Mementos, you’ll then be able to collect new currencies called flowers and stamps. These can be used whenever you find Jose hanging about in the dungeon.

To change Mementos, simply talk to Jose, then choose the Cognition option in his menu. From here, you’ll see three options that you can alter: experience, money, and items.

By spending stamps, you can increase the amount of experience and money gained, as well as the frequency of item drops from battles in the dungeon. However, do be warned that with each tier that you upgrade, the stamp cost will go up.

If you want to redo your choices, you can do that as well by spending flowers. But again, there’s a cost for doing so. The more stamps you’ve invested into Jose, the more flowers you’ll need to reallocate all of them. From what we can gather so far, it would appear that each tier requires 10 flowers. So if you’ve already unlocked three experience tiers with your stamps, you’ll need to spend 30 flowers to undo those.

To recap, here’s how to change Mementos in Persona 5 Royal:

  1. As you’re exploring the dungeon, you’ll be able to collect flowers and stamps.

  2. Talk to Jose in Mementos and choose the Cognition option to spend your stamps to increase the amount of experience, money, and items gained from battles.

  3. You can also use flowers to undo your choices and reallocate your stamps later on.

That’s all you need to know about how to change Mementos in Persona 5 Royal. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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