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Nioh 2 Soundtrack is Now Available on Spotify

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Nioh 2 Soundtrack is Now Available on Spotify

Team Ninja’s long-anticipated prequel to its action-RPG series, Nioh, has been earning critical acclaim since its launch earlier this week, and those who are likely to enjoy the game’s musical composition especially have a treat in store. Both Nioh and Nioh 2’s original soundtrack are now available over on Spotify.

The news comes by way of a Tweet from the game’s publisher, Koei Tecmo.

A collision of 1500s feudal Japan and otherwordly Yokai monsters, Nioh’s aesthetic and setting have always been a core part of the game’s appeal. As is the case with any audio/visual pastiche, the various beats and harmonies that comprise its musical score are such an important part of the experience, and so we’ll certainly be looking forward to hearing more of it.

For more Nioh 2 content, the game’s launch trailer does a great job teeing up its story and gameplay, while this gallery of screenshots provides a more detailed overview.

Nioh 2 launches exclusively on PS4 today, March 13, 2020. It has recently gone gold and a demo was made available at the end of February.

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