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Fortnite’s Oil Rig Has Been Blown Up & Helicopters Added in Latest Update


Fortnite’s Oil Rig Has Been Blown Up & Helicopters Added in Latest Update

The Rig, the named location just off the southwest coast of the main island in Fortnite: Battle Royale, has been blown up following the most recent update.

If you log in after downloading today’s rather hefty patch, players will find a number of major changes.

First and foremost, The Rig in the southwest of the map has been blown up, after TNTina has apparently gone ‘SHADOW.’ It appears this was the result of more players choosing to pick the ‘SHADOW’ style for the TNTina skin, as opposed to the ‘GHOST’ style.

Fortnite’s Rig can still be accessed, but it’s a little trickier to navigate now with the entire middle section having fallen through. TNTina is still roaming the location, however, in case you’re desperate for her Boom Bow.

Fortnite oil rig exploded
Credit: Reddit

Players still have Skye, Meowscles and Midas to decide the fate of, so you can expect plenty more of these mini events to happen throughout the season.

Before TNTina blew up The Rig today, Brutus etched a skull into The Grotto after he also went ‘SHADOW’ based off players in-game decisions.

Fortnite’s latest update also introduces helicopters to the mix. Called ‘Choppas’ in-game, these can be found on helipads throughout the map, but it’s worth noting they have no on-board weapons. There’s also a helipad at the now-blown-up oil rig, too!

Fortnite pleasant park soccer pitch
Credit: Reddit

Another notable map change can be found over in Pleasant Park, where the underground base is now accessible by dropping down through the soccer pitch.

For more on Fortnite, head over to our Season 2 Chapter 2 wiki, or check out more of our coverage below.

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