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New FIFA 20 Update Reduces Effectiveness of Overload Ball Side Tactic

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New FIFA 20 Update Reduces Effectiveness of Overload Ball Side Tactic

FIFA 20‘s Update 12 is available now and makes an often requested change to an over-powered gameplay tactic, Overload Ball Side.

With the d-pad, you can select an option that makes your whole team shuffle over to the side of the pitch that the ball is in when defending, with the aim being to suffocate the team in possession and pressure them into turning it over.

However, when combined with drop back, one depth, and high press tactics, it made it almost impossible to counter and it had almost no downside, but hopefully that changes today. The changes outlined in the patch notes are:

  • Increased the impact of the Overload Ball Side D-Pad Tactic on in-game Stamina.
  • Increased the impact of the Constant Pressure D-Pad Tactic on in-game Stamina in order to match the impact of Overload Ball Side.

Otherwise, Update 12 doesn’t make many changes, as you’d historically expect from a post-new year FIFA patch.

An issue with the displayed quick sell value of Squad Fitness items has been fixed, CONMEBOL competitions have been added to Career Mode and Kick Off, as well as giving it a mode of its own, and 17 new Star Heads have been added.

Other than that, there’s very little of note. You can see the full patch notes here.

The update can be downloaded in FIFA 20 now on PC and console and comes it at around 5GB, thanks to the Copa Libertadores content that’s included.

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