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Destiny 2: Who Saint-14’s Voice Actor Is

saint 14 voice actor

Destiny 2: Who Saint-14’s Voice Actor Is

With Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy nearly upon us, it won’t be long before Guardians are tasked with once again saving The Last City. That means a return to the spotlight for one character in particular: Saint-14. Legendary in Destiny 2 lore, Saint-14 is one the game’s most recognizable, er, helmets, thanks to his likable personality and gruff sounding voice. Given that he’s set to play such a central role in the upcoming Trials of Osiris, you’re likely wondering who Saint-14’s voice actor is in Destiny 2.

Who Saint-14’s Voice Actor Is in Destiny 2

saint 14 voice actor

Saint-14’s distinct voice is performed by Brian T. Delaney, an American actor who calls on a resume that spans television series, film, and extensive experience working within the video game industry on a number of high profile IPs.

While Saint-14’s heavily accented voice means you won’t necessarily recognize his voice from other roles, you’ll likely have played plenty of games that he’s been part of.

His leading roles include Roland from the Halo franchise, Enjuk in Horizon Zero Dawn, and Xander in Knack II. Delaney has also brought to life NPCs in games such as Call of Duty, Days Gone, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Metro Exodus.

But we think it’s fair to say that Saint-14 is certainly his standout performance. Certainly, the flair Delaney has brought to his voice has played a big role in helping Saint-14 take the center stage following what many Destiny 2 players consider the painful loss of its previous most-recognizable character, Cayde-6.

Saint-14 will have his hands’ full from now on as the new voice of Trials of Osiris when it finally kicks back off.

Hopefully, that’s provided you with some useful insight on who Saint-14’s voice actor is in Destiny 2 as you plow through the next epic chapter in the game. For more guides and coverage on Bungie’s shooter then keep it locked on Twinfinite and don’t forget to check out our extensive guide wiki specifically for the Shadowkeep era.

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