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Bungie Releases Destiny 2’s Secret ‘Shaxxerize’ Tape


Bungie Releases Destiny 2’s Secret ‘Shaxxerize’ Tape

A lot of us in the United States, Europe and around the world have been cooped up in our homes as of late. A lot of us are snacking away and eating up what we can find in our cupboards. As a native New Yorker, my pantry is filled with bagels and pizza, of course, and that’s not usually part of any successful summer bod plan.

A recently released track from the official Destiny 2 YouTube channel though might be able to motivate me to get back in shape.

What’s going on here you might ask? An easter egg in Commander Zavala’s office during the recently released 4th Horseman exotic quest revealed that Zavala looks to Shaax for some extra motivation during workouts. No true Destiny fan will blame him.

I’ve said it before on Twinfinite (somewhere) that if I could have a hype person for everything I do in my life Lord Shaax would somewhere near the top of the list of people I feel would be qualified to push me. Whether you’re experiencing victory or defeat, Lord Shaax always gets you pumped and ready for another round of Crucible or even… life.

There’s an unofficial Twitter account called Shaax Motivation with nearly 30,000 followers that subscribe to get some daily advice from the Crucible’s handler.

I desperately wish there was an accompanying video to go with the music but for now I’ll just say thank you Bungie and add this to my playlist.

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