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Airhead Partners Up Head and Body In New Metroidvania-Style Platformer

Airhead, announcement trailer

Airhead Partners Up Head and Body In New Metroidvania-Style Platformer

Handy Games, the German studio behind the mobile game Rebel Cops, has dropped an announcement trailer for Airhead, a new Metroidvania-style platformer where two parts of a whole person have to save each other as they try to solve their way through the bleak yet beautiful world of cold-hearted machines and air tanks.

A symbiotic being named Head is left to die after a machine of unknown origin steals its air supply. Body, another being, witnesses its breath literally being taken away, and it decides to help by carrying the weight of Head’s fate on its shoulders, thus becoming Airhead.

As Airhead searches far and wide for the machine that stole Head’s air-giving heart and rendered it asthmatic, deflating and reliant on air tanks along the way, they’ll come to discover that the machine and Head may be two small pieces connected to a far grander scheme than either Body or Head could’ve ever imagined.

Throughout your journey, the game will give you puzzles that make you determine whether to use Head and Body separately or together, exploring the unique mechanics of Head’s detachability. You will also encounter other machines and creatures that will serve as roadblocks delaying Head’s survival or allies aiding you along the caverns to uncover the secrets behind the connection of Head, the air tanks that it must consume like candy — this, as well as the game’s title, is a clever callback to the colorful taffy we were all addicted to back in the 1990s and early 2000s — and the technology that comprises the world in which they live in so that Body can save Head’s life even if it may have to sacrifice itself in the process.

Check out the mind-blowing announcement trailer below.

Airhead will be available in 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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