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Sea Of Thieves Adds New Cursed Chest, Full Pirate Customization

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Sea Of Thieves Adds New Cursed Chest, Full Pirate Customization

Sea of Thieves continues it’s updates by adding a new cursed chest called the Chest of Rage, the new content updates for the next month, and the ability to change your pirate’s full appearance from scratch without having to start all over.

The Sea of Thieves News video from their official Youtube channel outlines all the new updates coming to the game over the next few weeks. The big one, one that players have been asking for for some time, is the ability to customize your full appearance.

Of course, you can customize your pirate’s appearance through cosmetic items already, so you can dress up like Captain Jack, but you might not actually look like Captain Jack. Not yet, at least.

Rare is introducing the Pirate Appearance Potion to the in-game store, which allows players to start customization completely over, going through the pirate creation process again. The potion is shown in the video to cost 149 ancient coins.

Also releasing alongside next week’s Crews of Rage update is another cursed chest, the Chest of Rage, which will slowly heat up until it explodes. In order to keep the chest cool, you will have to pour water on it periodically. If you simply leave it in water, it will heat the water until it is hot enough to deal damage.

Sea of Thieves will also be tweaking sword fighting, mermaid appearance, and more. You can check the video out yourself to learn more.

More information will be coming on the Crews of Rage update next week. For last month’s updates, check out January’s patch notes.

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