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Gears 5 Gets Ready for Super Bowl With Football Themed Violence

Gears 5

Gears 5 Gets Ready for Super Bowl With Football Themed Violence

Gears 5 is currently holding an in-game event for players to earn two new executions and other cosmetic items in relation to the Super Bowl game airing later today.

The “Big Game” weekend event brings back the Arcade Blitz Double Trouble game mode, where players must capture rings and also double the amount of skulls earned to unlock better weapons faster.

Winning three games in the Arcade game mode will give players the Spike execution for the Lancer, which can be seen below.

Lancer Spike Execution

Gears 5 players who log in during the weekend will also receive the Punt execution for the Gnasher, which also rips the head off of the enemy and then promptly boots it high into the air, and the Thrashball mark that is simply a football.

The game also offers a Thrashball loadout weapon skin set for 500 Iron, or about $5, and added non-loadout Thrashball weapon skins to the supply pool, randomly earned by playing games.

Developer The Coalition had posted a short list of issues with the game currently being worked on earlier this week. The list includes players not losing points when winning a Ranked match, improvements to movement, and offering the ability to earn stars in the Tour of Duty by playing any mode in addition to objective-based missions.

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