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Final Fantasy VII Remake DLC Summons Showcased in New Videos

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake DLC Summons Showcased in New Videos

One week ago, Square Enix teased the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s first three summons: Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle, and Cactuar. None of these summons appeared in the original game, even though the latter two are iconic to the Final Fantasy franchise. Now, Square Enix is ready to reveal what these creatures are made of, as well as use them as pre-order bonuses.

The Square Enix Twitter account was recently updated with short snippets of each summon and their abilities. Also, turns out each creature is a piece of DLC.

The first summon, the Chocobo Chick, just floats around, occasionally summoning lightning and creating explosions.

The next creature, Carbuncle, is a support-based summon as is Final Fantasy tradition, healing wounds and creating shields.

And last but not least is the speedy Cactuar. Final Fantasy veterans will recognize its needle spray attacks, although it doesn’t seem to feature its signature 1000 Needles spell.

While the meat of the videos is the capabilities of these creatures, the mini-trailers also reveal how to obtain each summon.

The Chocobo Chick is the easiest to acquire since it comes with every pre-order; if you purchase Final Fantasy VII Remake before launch, you get the chick regardless of version. Meanwhile, the Carbuncle is relegated to the Digital Deluxe and 1st Class editions, which means you won’t receive this creature if you buy the Standard or Physical Deluxe versions. As for the Cactuar, it is featured in every deluxe version (digital or physical) and the 1st Class Edition.

In the original Final Fantasy VII, players could could summon Choco and Mog (a Moogle riding a Chocobo), as well as a Fat Chocobo if lucky, but baby Chocobos were nowhere to be seen. Plus, Cactuars appeared as rare enemies instead of summons. Square Enix might include more Final Fantasy VII Remake DLC summons in the future, but that remains to be seen.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled to release April 10th for the PlayStation 4

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