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Top 10 Dumbest Video Game Titles of All Time


Top 10 Dumbest Video Game Titles of All Time

GOLF Magazine Presents 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples

Dumbest Video Game Titles

Image Credit: Defunct Games

Golf games aren’t strangers to having names in their titles. The PGA Tour games have seen Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy on the cover and in the title.

The thing is, the 1995 game goes a bit further. Not only does it focus on 36 particularly great holes, rather than something generic and golfy, but it’s sponsored by GOLF Magazine.

It sounds more like an issue of GOLF Magazine, with Fred Couples guest editing a feature on 36 great holes, or something like that. As it is, it just seems like a few titles mangled together, acting more like a piece of marketing for the magazine and Fred Couples himself.

All of that and we haven’t gotten into the innuendos… but we’ll just leave it at that.

The more modern Golf Club games have boring titles in hindsight.

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