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Birds of Prey: Are Batman & Joker in the Movie? Answered

Birds of Prey Batman, Birds of Prey Joker

Birds of Prey: Are Batman & Joker in the Movie? Answered

Birds of Prey is out now in cinemas, with a star-studded cast including Margot Robbie and Ewan McGregor. The movie follows the events that transpire following Joker and Harley Quinn’s breakup, which results in the former placing a big ol’ bounty on the latter and having to fend off basically every goon in the city. Considering Joker’s involvement in the backstory, some fans may be wondering whether or not Joker and Batman are in Birds of Prey.

Is Joker in Birds of Prey?

Well, yes and no. You won’t be seeing Jared Leto in any new scenes specifically for Birds of Prey, but the movie does use the occasional snippet from Suicide Squad featuring the actor.

These are used to give you some context regarding how the breakup went down between these two, as well as give us an insight into their relationship for those that aren’t clued up.

That being said, outside of that, Jared Leto isn’t in the movie. Joker is every once in a while eluded to, and you’ll see his silhouette, but he never becomes an active part of the story and events that transpire.

Is Batman in Birds of Prey?

We’ve got more bad news for you this time around too. For anyone hoping the caped crusader might make some sort of last-ditch appearance to randomly help Harley Quinn when she found herself in a pickle, he doesn’t.

Batman is not in Birds of Prey at all, instead letting the villains of Gotham City duke it out among themselves. After all, they’d be doing his job for him if there happened to be any casualties.

There are a couple of references to Bruce Wayne that do pop-up throughout the movie though. The first is when Harley tells Cassandra Cain about her pet Hyena, Bruce, that she then goes on to say is named after “that hunky Wayne guy.”

The other comes as part of the post-credits ‘treat’ so to speak. This is a very brief reference, though and doesn’t really reveal anything. We don’t want to spoil it here, but if you’re really interested you can check out our Birds of Prey post-credits scene guide, too.

That’s everything you need to know regarding whether or not Joker and Batman are in Birds of Prey.

Birds of Prey is in cinemas now and Fortnite fans can celebrate its release by picking up a Harley Quinn bundle for a limited time.

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