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Three Kingdoms Is Getting a Massive Free Update Alongside Mandate of Heaven Chapter Pack

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Three Kingdoms Is Getting a Massive Free Update Alongside Mandate of Heaven Chapter Pack

Creative Assembly has released a video outlining the free features that are coming to Total War: Three Kingdoms in a massive update alongside the release of the Mandate of Heaven Chapter Pack expansion.

Patch 1.4.0 will go live for all players tomorrow, Jan. 16, and it brings with it a swathe of new content for the base game including a new faction, new units, mechanics, artwork and a substantial amount more.

Perhaps the biggest addition is the ability to play as Tao Qian, available in both the 182 CE (Mandate of Heaven) and 190 CE (Three Kingdoms) start dates.

Tao Qian gets a unique faction mechanic in the form of Displaced Population: As the conflict spreads across China, those whose homes and livelihoods are lost must look for greener pastures. They can find a new home in Tao Qian’s lands. and this increased population can have a variety of benefits such as reduced recruitment costs and build times.

He will also have access to two unique units in the form of Territorial Spearmen and Territorial Archers, which receive a buff when fighting on the defending side of a battle.

Several existing Three Kingdoms characters are being upgraded to legendary status: Lu Zhi, Huangfu Song, Diao Chan, and Xun Yu. This means unique artwork in both campaigns and battles and means they can survive an otherwise fatal mishap or two, ensuring their usefulness to your faction.

There are also six new Imperial units (Imperial Household Cavalry, Imperial Lancer Cavalry, Imperial Sword Guard, Imperial Palace Cavalry, Imperial Palace Crossbowmen, and Imperial Gate Guards) being added to the game, along with three new Qiang units (Qiang Warriors, Qiang Archers, Qiang Polearms).

Players who have the Yellow Turban DLC installed will get an additional six units (Huanglao’s Paragons, Jiazi Raiders, Righteous Vanguards, Stalwart Shields, The Land’s Chosen, and Fervent Defenders).

The tactical options available to players on the battlefield will be enhanced by the addition of new deployables (Defensive Towers, Wooden Stakes, Deployable Oil) and new battlefield abilities (Caltrops, Smokescreen).

Siege battles have also received an enhancement with the inclusion of new siege weapon units, for both attackers and defenders, in the form of Siege Towers and Multiple Bolt Crossbows.

There have also been changes made to how the Emperor mechanic works, making it more desirable and beneficial to expend resources in order to ensure your faction controls him.

There is also a slew of other changes included to balance and refine the already exemplary Three Kingdoms experience into something even better. You can read about it all further in-depth here, or watch the video below to see some of these new additions in action.

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