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Survey Reveals Simplified Chinese is the Most Used Language on Steam

Steam Survey Survey Shows Simplified Chinese Most Popular Language on Site

Survey Reveals Simplified Chinese is the Most Used Language on Steam

A new survey has revealed Simplified Chinese to be the most popular language used on Steam, among some other interesting metrics regarding the site.

In a post to the platform’s website on Jan. 8, the company revealed several statistics gained by surveys they held following the end of 2019. The information was taken on a voluntary basis from users, and information on who participated is kept anonymous.

“The information gathered is incredibly helpful to us as we make decisions about what kinds of technology investments to make and products to offer,” the company wrote in the post.

The survey covered several topics, not least of which what language the majority of Steam users use. Simplified Chinese proved the most popular language overall, beating out English by 7.44 percent and making up 37.87 percent of the language used on the site overall.

The language saw a massive 14.43 percent increase compared to last year, while English saw a 6.40 percent decrease in the same period.

This follows several years in which China’s player base on Steam has been experiencing a boom, thanks in large part to the release of games popular in the country like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and other internationally popular battle royale or multiplayer titles.

On the technological front, a sizable majority of users relied on Nvidia PC cards and Intel processors for their gaming needs, with more than 80 percent of users falling into these camps. Oculus Rift remained the most popular VR headset for users with a 32.91 percent majority, and 54.48 percent of users reported using 4 or more CPUs per computer they used for gaming.

The full stats can be viewed via the official post.

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