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IO Interactive Unveils January Content Calendar for Hitman 2

Hitman 2 January Content Calendar

IO Interactive Unveils January Content Calendar for Hitman 2

IO Interactive is set to start 2020 off strong with a slew of content for Hitman 2 players, and they’ve laid out everything they’ll offer with the reveal of a January content calendar.

In a post to the company’s official website, IO interactive revealed several key pieces of Hitman 2 content they planned to deliver over the course of January.

The first was 11 featured contracts for players to undertake.

“We’ve hand-picked 11 Contracts from the Official Submission Thread on Hitman Forum and they will be added to the game for everyone to play on January 9th,” the post read.

One of these contracts will see Hitman 2 players sent to Hokkaido as part of the month’s “Stay Frosty” theme, though other locations will be made available as the month progresses.

The company would also be re-activating an elusive target for players to take out. This month’s is The Undying, a character portrayed by Sean Penn who players will only have one chance to take out… again.

Those that failed to try and take him out last year in the allotted timeframe will be able to try again this month between Jan. 17 and the 26th, while those who have already tried to or successfully eliminated him once will still be locked out of taking him on again.

Last but not least, the company announced that they would be enlisting the help of Hitman 2 community members to select past contracts from the series to be added to the game.

For January, notable community member MulletPride would be selecting the month’s Curated Contracts, and they would have a blog post featured on the company’s official site detailing why they chose the contracts they did.

IO likewise confirmed that their behind the scenes videos would continue into 2020. Their next video is scheduled for Jan. 30, and would also detail their planned content to be released in February.

Hitman 2 is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on the game, check out our full review from when the game first launched.

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