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Grab Some Friends and Start a Video Game Fantasy League

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Grab Some Friends and Start a Video Game Fantasy League

As seen on popular gaming podcasts like Kinda Funny and Easy Allies, Fantasy Critic is a simple website that allows you and a couple of buddies to draft what you think will be the best-reviewed games of 2020.

Each person picks the name of their video game company and once you’re all ready to go, each person will take turns choosing a game that is planned to release in 2020 and once the reviews on Opencritic come out, you will lose/ gain points depending on how well it scores.

While there is no time limit on when you can start the draft, it’s better to start earlier in the year as you can have more options for video games to add to your respective rosters.

Everyone goes one by one and picks a game and once that game is chosen, no other player can add it to their roster and a game is determined to be “bad” if it scores lower than a 70 on Opencritic, which is an aggregation site similar to Metacritic.

So for example, if you have Cyberpunk 2077 on your list and it ends up sitting at a review score of 87, you will receive 17 Fantasy Points. But if that game were to get a 67 instead, you would lose 3 points.

I’ve recently started a video game fantasy draft with some friends from Twitter and it’s starting to get a bit heated as we finalize our video game choices for 2020.

I named my publisher “Spilled Coffee Games” and so far I have Ghost of Tsushima, No More Heroes 3, Sports Story, and Assassin’s Creed 2020 (because you know it’s going to happen).

I’m not sure if my chances of winning are high considering that I didn’t get the opportunity to snag some heavy hitters like Final Fantasy VII and Doom Eternal or even The Last of Us Part II, but I have high hopes that I will at least get second or third.

You can go create your own video game fantasy league right here at Fantasy Critic –and believe me, it’s really fun and easy to start!

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