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Escape From Tarkov: Is It Coming to Xbox One? Answered

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Escape From Tarkov: Is It Coming to Xbox One? Answered

Escape from Tarkov has been in the works for years, having first been revealed back in 2015 and launching its first alpha in 2017. It’s now in open beta, which is available a premium download for PC only. But thanks to a Twitch promotion that’s exposed the game to new audiences, many interested console players are wondering whether Escape from Tarkov is coming to Xbox One? Here’s what you need to know.

Is Escape from Tarkov is coming to Xbox One? Answered

As mentioned above, Escape from Tarkov is currently in open beta for PC only, which operates via a unique launcher. According to what is probably outdated information at this point, a Steam release is supposed to follow once the game is ready for a full launch, and possibly a console version too.

But the information we’re basing that on is vague at best. Back in 2015, Escape from Tarkov’s FAQ page (has since disappeared was pasted over on Wccftech) contained the following Q&A pertaining to a console version of the game.

Q.What about the console version?
A.We are considering it, but it’s too early to talk about that.

That was five years ago, and we haven’t heard a scrap of news about a console version since (and almost nothing on the Steam version, either, as it happens). Given that it’s been so long, there’s a high probability that it’s been put on the backburner indefinitely — possibly, even, abandoned altogether.

If there’s ever a chance of a console version in the pipeline, though, it might have just got a big boost from this recent attention Escape from Tarkov is getting over on Twitch. More players mean more revenue and a greater chance of a console version. We’ll keep you posted one anything we do here.

For now, that’s everything there is to know about whether Escape from Tarkov is coming to Steam. You can read our detailed guide on how to download and play the beta in its current form here. Otherwise, for more useful tips and information on the game, search Twinfinite.

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