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Bungie Details the Next Destiny 2 Community Event: Empyrean Foundation

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Bungie Details the Next Destiny 2 Community Event: Empyrean Foundation

In the most recent TWAB update from our pals over in Bellevue, the second ever community event for Destiny 2 was explained. We finally know what the Empyrean Foundation is on the roadmap now.

The Empyrean Foundation is something that the Destiny 2 is being tasked with rebuilding in-game. Saint-14, a Titan is not shy about standing out, wants us to create a building that will play into events that will take place during next season. Hmm probably Trials of Osiris but I digress, let’s stick to the facts for now.

Players will need to contribute Polarized Fractaline to the Tower Obelisk to participate when the community event begins next week. There will of course be seven benchmarks to hit throughout the event, and you’ll be able to track the community’s progress live from the Tower’s beacon.

Polarized Fractaline is a valuable currency as it’s used for obtaining upgrading beacons and obtaining powerful new weapon rolls, so asking players to just give them away might be asking a lot.

That said, there will be a reward for turning in the Polarized Fractaline, which is detailed below via Bungie:

  • Contributing to the Empyrean Foundation costs 100 Polarized Fractaline.
  • Contributing generates a 25% flat progression for all Timelost weapon bounties in your inventory.
  • Your Tower Obelisk will generate Polarized Fractaline for you each week equivalent to its Resonance Power.
  • Increase its Resonance Power by upgrading other Obelisks
  • Players who donate more than 5,000 Polarized Fractaline before the end of the Season will earn a Triumph and emblem.

There you have it, community event number two. There wasn’t an end date listed in the TWAB, so maybe it just goes on until the player’s complete the event which would make sense if it’s tied to a story beat that Bungie has planned for Destiny 2’s next season.

You can check out the reward emblem Bungie has planned for those that significantly contribute to the event below:

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