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5 Ways Bungie Can Improve Destiny 2’s Seasonal Model Going Forward


5 Ways Bungie Can Improve Destiny 2’s Seasonal Model Going Forward

Get Rid of Seasonal Mods Slots And/Or Remove Elemental Affinity

The seasonal mod slot in Destiny 2 is a nice idea in theory, allowing older armor to retain some usage/purpose over time. The problem is that it’s just not sustainable.

Armor space is already becoming a major issue and it has gotten worse this season with the new charged with light mechanic added in Season of Dawn.

These mods allow for some very creative builds that are very fun to use, but you need to have multiple different armor sets with the correct elemental affinities, on top of the general armor sets you would have for something like PvP and raiding.

If every season is going to just keep adding more and more armor sets that we have to grind for with the correct element/stats etc., there’s going to come a point where players are just not going to have the space in their inventory for all the sets they want to regularly have to use.

Having to dig out an app on your phone or return to the Tower to constantly swap gear into your inventory is going to get real taxing in the future if it isn’t already that way for some players.

There are two solutions for this. One: remove the seasonal armor slot and just allow players to equip mods on any armor they want so they don’t need to grind for a new set every season, just the new mods.

Or the other option is to remove elemental affinities altogether. This seems less likely to happen because Bungie appears to be quite married to this new elemental affinity system and removing it would probably take a lot of time.

But, if it was removed, you at least wouldn’t need an arc, solar and void version of every armor set you want to use to cover all the different weapon mods you’ll need which would also help with inventory space a lot.

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