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Artist Turns Grammy Stars Into Stylish Pokemon Trainers

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Artist Turns Grammy Stars Into Stylish Pokemon Trainers

The Grammy Awards this past evening was host to many stylish and fashionable musical stars that walked the red carpet wearing the most outlandish designs, so outlandish that folks on social media started to compare them to Pokemon trainers.

So, one artist in particular that goes by Ray, managed to turn four high-profile celebrities into members of the Elite Four alongside a Pokemon that matched their style.

As you can see in the Tweet below with the designs, we have Lil Nas X in the top-right sporting a flashy pink cowboy outfit with the Fairy-type Granbull by his side; in the top-left, we have Billie Eilish in a strange green/black suit partnering up with the Poison/Dark-type Pokemon, Alolan Muk; in the bottom-right there, that’s Billy Porter donning a very luxurious and sparkling outfit standing side by side with the Ice-type Pokemon, Glaceon; and last but not least, there’s the pop queen herself, Ariana Grande, with the Ghost-type Pokemon, Dusknoir.

You can see the images below from Ray:

What other celebrities do you all think could pass as Pokemon gym leaders or Elite Four challengers? Lady Gaga? Rihanna? Beyonce perhaps? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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