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7 Rare Video Game Memorabilia Worth So Much Money Now

rare video game memorabilia

7 Rare Video Game Memorabilia Worth So Much Money Now

Video games can sell for a lot of money. Like, a lot of money. An extraordinary, stupid amount of money in fact. It makes sense, though; some games are exceedingly rare, with only a few copies, leading to a hefty price. 

It’s not just the games that are rare, however. Fans of collector’s editions and gaming memorabilia will surely be familiar with the extra material games will release with that drive the price up and up, both trash and treasure alike. 

Some of those rare items are still floating about the marketplace, ready to be scooped up by a lucky gamer with an eye for rarities. Or maybe one of these is just sitting in your closet, collecting dust, with its owner none the wiser to the value of the collection. 

Here is some rare video game merch that you should definitely hang onto if you come across them.

Disney Infinity Peter Pan 3.0 Edition

7 Rare Video Game Memorabilia Worth So Much Money Now

Disney Infinity 3.0 was, by all accounts, pretty good. At least for the few months it received support that is. 3.0 was intended to add in the Marvel and Star Wars figures to the Skylanders-esque playstyle, and a few were able to ship before the game’s cancellation. 

One figure, however, was entirely completed before the game was cancelled, but never shipped to stores. Peter Pan 3.0 exists, and there have been at least three copies sold for around $1,000 or more on Ebay, and the implication is that even more exist being sold through China. 

Hypothetically, the game can still be played with the mysterious Peter Pan figure, but no gameplay has surfaced. This piece of gaming memorabilia is great for both game fans and Disney fans alike.

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