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5 Ways Fortnite Can Improve to Stay on Top in 2020


5 Ways Fortnite Can Improve to Stay on Top in 2020

Improve Bot AI

Ways Fortnite Can Improve in 2020

One of the ways Epic improved Fortnite towards the end of Chapter 1 was to introduce AI bots into games. In doing so, Epic has not only ensured players find themselves in a game with 99 others more often, but it also enables them to play in an environment that matches their skill level.

The combination of your skill level and implementation of AI bots into games means players aren’t coming up against others who are ridiculously worse or better at the game than them. A more balanced playing field is a happier playing field, after all.

The problem is, despite Epic’s best efforts to ensure bots don’t sick out like a sore thumb… they absolutely stick out like a sore thumb. They harvest through walls like their life depended on it, even if there’s a door right next to them. They’ll stand and seldom build when in combat, and generally walk around awkwardly.

In 2020 Epic needs to put some work into improving bots. While I’m not expecting human-like play, something a little less ‘dumb’ would certainly go a long way. Building basic structures when coming under fire, and not hacking through every wall they see would be a good start.

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