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These Wooloo Cake Pops Are Too Cute to Eat


These Wooloo Cake Pops Are Too Cute to Eat

Posted by u/miscellaneousmao on Reddit, the user has created some tasty treats resembling one of the best new Pokemon from Sword and Shield, Wooloo.

These Wooloo cake pops are made out of chocolate and the inside contains cookies and cream white chocolate –yummy.

There’s even a shiny version of Wooloo that was made and you can see the stunning image down below in all of its glory:

Wooloo is a friendly Pokemon that craves stability and dislikes conflict which is very relatable to most people which is why it’s such a fan-fav, and you can’t deny that it’s simply adorable to look at.

If I was half as talented as this person, I could maybe attempt to recreate this but these Wooloo would probably end up looking more like a Grimer.

If you want to try and bake these Wooloo cake pops for a Christmas potluck or for a New Years party or something, you can head on over to the Instagram profile @miscellaneousmao to see more of the process so that you can try it out for yourself.

For more on Wooloo, check out this story of someone who beat the entirety of Pokemon Sword and Shield by just using the cuddly sheep Pokemon and nothing else. You can also read our review of Sword and Shield right here. And if you need help with anything in the game, head on over to our extensive Guide Wiki.

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