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Sweet PlayStation Montage Video Recaps 2019’s Best Games

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Sweet PlayStation Montage Video Recaps 2019’s Best Games

PlayStation is today celebrating the year in gaming with a sweet montage video that recaps the best of 2019. Called “Highlights 2019,” you can probably but guess the sort of pedigree that makes the list, though it’s also likely a good reminder to go back and revisit one or two you may have forgotten about, too.

Among the most prominently featured are some of the year’s best-sellers and most critically acclaimed, like Resident Evil 2 and Monster Hunter: World. Multiplayer standout Apex Legends also gets some airtime, as does PSVR highlight Blood and Truth. Of course, Hideo Kojima’s divisive Death Stranding gets its time in the spotlight, too.

But enough of the description! You can check out the montage yourself below. Enjoy it, as it’s probably the last PS4-focused wrap-up montage you’ll ever see again, given the next console generation is almost upon us.

If you’re trying to work out which games from 2019 are worth your time and haven’t already checked out Twinfinite’s various game of the year awards, then here’s a handy list of some of our features from 2019’s award ceremony:

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