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Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Charizard Class Curry

pokemon sword and shield charizard class curry

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Charizard Class Curry

One of the many new features in Pokemon Sword and Shield is the ability to make curry at your Camp. This allows you to bond with your Pokemon, using berries and other Key Ingredient items to make a tasty dish for you all to enjoy. Make a particularly good curry, and you’ll even be able to restore the HP of your Pokemon. Charizard Class curry is the very best quality you can get, but to get this for yourself, there’s a lot to take into account. Here’s how to get Charizard Class curry in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Charizard Class Curry in Pokemon Sword and Shield

As we noted above, the first thing to know about curry making is that there are five different classes that it can be ranked. These are:

  1. Charizard Class
  2. Copperajah Class
  3. Milcery Class
  4. Wobbuffet Class
  5. Koffing Class

Koffing is the lowest rank, with Charizard being the highest, so of course, we want to go for that.

Use the Right Ingredients

Charizard curry in Pokemon Sword and Shield

To make Charizard class curry, you’ll first need to make sure that you’re using ingredients that compliment one another and make an actual recipe from within the ‘Curry Dex’ as it’s called in the game. Thanks to the hard work of Reddit user u/misha773, we know that the following recipes and ingredients can net you that Charizard Class curry rating we’re so desperate to get.

Dry Instant Noodle Curry (Charizard Class)

  • Key Ingredient: Instant Noodles
  • Berries: 
  • 1 x Petaya
  • 1 x Salac
  • 1 x Ganlon
  • 1 x Liechi
  • 1 x Chilan
  • 5 x Tamato

Sweet Whipped Cream Curry (Charizard Class)

  • Key Ingredient: Fresh Cream
  • Berries:
  • 1 x Petaya
  • 1 x Salac
  • 1 x Ganlon
  • 1 x Liechi
  • 1 x Chilan
  • 1 x Tamato
  • 4 X Pomeg

Sweet Pasta Curry (Charizard Class)

  • Key Ingredient: Pasta
  • Berries:
  • 1 x Maranga
  • 1 x  Salac
  • 1 x Ganlon
  • 1 x Roseli
  • 1 x Colbur
  • 5 x Grepa

Spicy Leek Curry

  • Key Ingredient: Large Leek
  • Berries:
  • 1 x Occa
  • 1x Yache
  • 1 x Charti
  • 1 x Kasib
  • 1 x Tanga
  • 5 x Tamato

These are just a handful of recipes that have been confirmed to grant Charizard Class curry ranks. There are over 150 different curry recipes in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so make sure you’re experimenting with ingredients and berries to fill it out.

When it comes to improving the class of your curry, it mainly comes down to the little mini-game that you’ll take part in once you select the option to ‘Cook’ from Pokemon Camp. We’ve broken each of these down below.

Don’t Fan It Too Hard or You’ll Burn It

Charizard curry in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Once all of the ingredients are thrown into the cooking pot, your first task is to fan the flames. You can do this by repeatedly pressing A or waggling one of your Joy-Con.

The trick here is to tap it fairly quickly so that the flames are visible and the pot begins to sparkle. Your Pokemon will also begin to gather around the curry once you’ve started fanning the flames just right.

If you don’t fan the flames enough, you won’t cook the curry which will lower its rank, preventing you from getting the Charizard class ranking. Fanning them too much will result in black smoke coming off the top of the curry, meaning you’ve burnt it.

Getting it just right so the pot sparkles is the only way to get Charizard class.

Stir Gently to Avoid Spilling It

Pokemon Sword and Shield Charizard curry

Next it’s onto stirring. Here, you’re rotating the right analog stick, or making a stirring motion with a Joy-Con if you’re all about the motion controls.

Again, you want to stir this in a nice, steady rhythm so the curry smokes white and begins to sparkle again, just like the pot did when fanning the flames.

Don’t stir it enough and you’ll begin to burn the curry with black smoke indicating you need to stir it more. Stir too fast and you’ll spill the curry. Doing either of these things will result in you losing your Charizard class ranking, so be sure to get that curry sparkling while you’re stirring.

Put Your Heart Into It Explained – Making Charizard Class Curry in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Charizard curry in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Finally you have to ‘Put Your Heart Into It’ which simply requires you to hit that first outer circle. In other words, that pale green ring just around the clear center of the circle is what you’re aiming for.

To do this, you need to press A just before the closing ring enters this light green. There’s a bit of a delay in this closing ring stopping, so account for this by pressing A a bit earlier than you think.

If you end up in the dark green ring or in the center of the circle, this will stop you from getting the Charizard class ranking.

As long as you’ve got everything perfect, you should be get a Charizard class curry at the end of it. Oh, and just to put one rumor to bed. No, you do not need to make curry with others in order to get a Charizard ranking.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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