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Kids Opening up Consoles on Christmas Is the Most Wholesome Thing Ever


Kids Opening up Consoles on Christmas Is the Most Wholesome Thing Ever

I remember waking up in the wee hours in the morning to unwrap the best gift that I could have ever received in my childhood life — a shiny new Game Boy Color alongside a shimmering copy of Pokemon Gold in 2000. I was but seven years old and it was the only thing that I truly wanted.

Watching excited children open up a new console and video games might be the most wholesome thing in the world and if you don’t believe me, you need to watch these videos from the internet that might even make you tear up. Whether it’s a child getting a Nintendo Switch for the first time or an elderly grandmother, it’s still so sweet to see.

We’ll start off with this kid that literally freezes from the emotional shock of getting a brand-new PS4 bundle with Horizon and God of War. After staring blankly at the console, he then runs over to his mom to give her a big hug –I think I’m tearing up.

The other video is a thread of a kid that’s also getting a Switch with a copy of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, which is as equally wholesome:

I wish I could be as half as happy as this kid when opening up gifts:

The tears of JOY on this child:

This isn’t a kid but this grandmother is the best grandmother. If I bought a Switch for my grandma, she would probably just laugh and would be very confused:

And one more for good measure:

Aweee how adorable! Do you guys have any cool videos of kids opening up new video game consoles or any other gaming-related gifts? Let us know if you have any to share!

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