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Top 15 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of 2019


Top 15 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of 2019

Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2‘s now out in its entirety and follows the story of the Diaz brothers, Sean and Daniel. On the run from the police, the two end up finding refuge and shelter with a group of young travelers as they try and make their way to Mexico. Of course, as you might expect, things don’t all go entirely to plan, but we won’t spoil that for you. The achievements in every episode of Life Is Strange 2 are the same, and that’s what makes it so easy.

All you’ll need to do is pick up all of the collectibles from every episode, complete a sketch, and finish the episode. Rinse and repeat for each episode and you’ll have the full 1000 Gamerscore in no time.

As one of my personal favorite narrative-driven games to release in 2019, Life Is Strange 2 is most definitely worth checking up for achievement hunters and fans of the series alike.

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