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Death End re;Quest 2 for PS4 Gets New Screenshots and Details About Battle System and More

Death End Re Quest 2

Death End re;Quest 2 for PS4 Gets New Screenshots and Details About Battle System and More

Compile Heart released new screenshots and details of its upcoming JRPG Death End re;Quest 2, coming early next year in Japan for PlayStation 4.

Compile Heart updated the official website of its upcoming JRPG Death End re;Quest 2 with new screenshots and details.

First of all, we get to see the Glitch mode form for two of the main playable characters, Mai Touyama and Rotten Dollheart (yeah, it’s a nickname).

We also get to see three lovely story illustrations.

More details involve the day and night cycle. During the day, the city appears normal and you can interact and talk with its inhabitants.

At night, a curse corrupts it, and monsters attack, going back and forth between day and night will help you get closer to the solution of the city’s mystery.

Speaking of battle gameplay, it’s still based on a turn-based system with a party of three characters. They can move freely on the field and attack in the order depending on their speed. You can also decide the vector of attack and strike from outside the enemies’ range.

The “Triact” system allows characters to perform three actions per turn among attack, item, guard, and skill. This enables more tactical and quicker turns.

The “Knock Bug” that appeared in the previous game has been upgraded to “super Knock Bug.” Attacking with a skill that comes with this effect will knock enemies further back. If you knock them into other enemies, all of them will receive additional damage.

The aforementioned Glitch mode is easier to activate compared to the first game, enabling more exhilarating battles.

While different skills can be learned when leveling up, the most powerful ones are unlocked during battle. It’s important to try different actions to enable that.

The battlefield can have “curse bugs” that can trigger various effects when stepped upon. Some can even be beneficial, so they should be used wisely.

You can check out all the images below.

Compile Heart revealed Death End re;Quest 2 a few months ago after teasing it for a few days and it’s the sequel to Death End re;Quest, which has recently been released in the west for PS4 and PC.

The release date in Japan is set for February 13, exclusively (for now) for PS4. No western release has been announced for now. Hopefully, the good folks at Idea Factory international will deliver soon.

If you want to see more, you can enjoy the first trailer and the key art, a lot of recent scereenshots that came with story and gameplay details, and the latest trailer.

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