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The Alliance Alive HD Comes to PC in Early January


The Alliance Alive HD Comes to PC in Early January

NIS America has announced that the remastered version of The Alliance Alive will be coming to PC via Steam and Utomik on January 16, 2020. The Steam page for the game is also live at this point.

Originally released on the Nintendo 3DS, The Alliance Alive tells the story of nine different characters who have to save the world from a Demon invasion.

The title was developed by Cattle Call, the same developer responsible for titles like The Legend of Legacy and Metal Max Xeno.

One of the more unique things about The Alliance Alive is its leveling system, which instead of using experience points, it lets you level abilities and weapons based on how much you use them.

Across the Alliance Alive, you’ll also need to form alliances with various groups, which will give you access to new combat options and areas of the world. Here’s a bit more information on the game via its Steam page.


  • A Vivid World: From lava-covered wastes to snowy mountains, the numerous themed realms around the world offer their own unique experiences and challenges. Navigate each diverse environment by utilizing an armada of different vehicles, including ships, riding animals, and flying machines.
  • Forged in Battle: The ferocity and strife of combat can draw forth your inner reserves of power. Build up determination to enter a state of Ignition, which allows you to execute devastating critical attacks. Repeated use of weapons and Ignition attacks also have a chance to “awaken” a new skill for your characters mid-battle.
  • Stand Together: You cannot challenge the Daemonic invaders alone. Form alliances with Guilds and factions to muster the strength needed to fight. Uniting your forces also grants you access to various resources and tools to aid you in your journey, including new vehicles, areas, magic, and more.”

The Alliance Alive will launch on January 16, 2020 for PC. The game is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

If you want to see a bit more you can check out recent trailers detailing both the cast of characters and gameplay.

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