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Shenmue 3: How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle

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Shenmue 3: How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle

Shenmue 3 puts you back in the shoes of Ryo Hazuki, on the hunt for his father’s killer. Like past games, there are quite a few puzzles you’re going to need to solve during the main story, like the bell tower in Bailu. To help you with that, here’s how to solve the bell tower puzzle in Shenmue 3.

How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle in Shenmue 3

After you beat the thugs and talk to Elder Yeh, you’ll find six tokens in her house that you then need to take to the bell tower.

Before we go on, it’s important to note that solving the bell tower puzzle means you leave Bailu village, so be absolutely sure you don’t have anything left to do.

Climb up the tower and you’ll see the first step of the puzzle, inserting the six tokens in the proper slot.

Each token completes a picture with the other icon, but we’ll walk you through the process by telling you which token goes in which post, starting with the post right in front of you.

Here’s the solution to the token puzzle in the bell tower.

  1. Open Palm Post -> Fist Token

  2. Phoenix (Bird) Post -> Dragon Token

  3. Turtle Post – > Crane (Bird) Token

  4. Shield Post -> Sword Token

  5. Sun Post -> Moon Token

  6. Steamed Buns Post -> Alchohol Token

Now that you’ve solved that a new room will open up, and the next part of the puzzle. Climb up the ladder and watch the ensuing scenes, then try to turn the giant cabinet once. After that you’ll get a small hint, but basically you need to turn the cabinet in the correct sequence, according to the slip of paper. Here’s the answer to complete the Bell Tower puzzle.

  • Turn it right three times (hit circle three times)
  • Turn it left three times (hit square three times)
  • Turn it right three times (hit circle three times)

Now you’ll complete the Bell Tower puzzle, and even finally learn a bit more about what the Phoenix and Dragon Mirrors are for.

If you need any other help or tips while playing, make sure to check out our Shenmue 3 guide wiki. Here’s a couple of the guides you might need.

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