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Modern Warfare Is Getting Hardpoint and New Maps For Free This Week


Modern Warfare Is Getting Hardpoint and New Maps For Free This Week

Activision has tweeted that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be receiving a nice chunk of content tomorrow, Nov. 8. This includes a new game mode, and two maps that will go live for all platforms, no exclusivity.

These maps are just the beginning of Activision’s announcement that Modern Warfare will break from the trend set by the previous multiple installments (which began with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in 2012) and won’t have a season pass.

The to be included game mode is the well-traveled Hardpoint mode, first featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. For those less well versed in Call of Duty’s various game modes, Hardpoint is played as a version of king of the hill. In this mode, a zone spawns on the map and the occupying team receives points per second while in the zone.

The opponent team can assault the zone, but will not gain points for doing so until the original team has all been removed from the area. It appears the new inclusion of Hardpoint is a replacement for the Realism game mode, that was removed earlier this week.

One of the two new maps, Krovnik Farmland, is part of Modern Warfare’s Ground War game mode. While there hasn’t been footage or screenshots shared of the map, as it has been built for Ground War, best bets are that it will be huge, and fully able to support some satisfying all-out battling.

The regular multiplayer map is named Shoot House, and from the look of the picture it could be some sort of cobbled together training grounds, but it’s unclear. However, as there is only a day to wait until these new additions are patched into the game, we’ll find out shortly.

Will you be playing these maps? Check out our Modern Warfare Guide wiki for the best tips and tricks for getting the upper hand in multiplayer.

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