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Death Stranding: Where to Dispose of Dead Bodies

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Death Stranding: Where to Dispose of Dead Bodies

Combat isn’t as much of a focus in Death Stranding as it is in other AAA action games. That being said, as you progress through the game you’ll slowly unlock lethal weapons. However, killing people has serious consequences. Here’s where to dispose of dead bodies in Death Stranding.

As you’re no doubt aware if you’re looking up this guide, killing people in the world of Death Stranding is a bit of a no-no. Dead bodies attract BTs and that, in turn, can cause a massive explosion. For that very reason, each corpse needs to be disposed of as quickly as possible.

Where to Dispose of Dead Bodies in Death Stranding

There are two ways to dispose of bodies in Death Stranding. The first is the more conventional method: taking each corpse to the incinerators marked on your map.

The second isn’t exactly in the manual but it’s probably a slightly quicker and more effective way of dealing with several corpses at once.

What you’ll want to do is load up your pile of corpses onto the back of a truck and head to very far west of the Central Region. You’re looking for the tar pit. It’s the same one that you had to traverse to get to Edge Knot City (assuming you’ve done that already).

As you might imagine, driving a truck into a pool of hot, stick gloop sees it disappear forever — bodies included. The tar pit happens to be a very effective mass crematorium if you’ve had a boo-boo killing too many MULEs.

Our advice, though? Don’t use lethal weapons versus human enemies. Stick to the Bola Gun, Stun Grenades, or a good ol’ fashioned whack across the head to incapacitate your enemies instead.

That should be everything you need to know about where to dispose of dead bodies in Death Stranding. For more useful tips and guides on the game, do check out our extensive guide wiki.

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