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Death Stranding: Story Summary & Ending Explained


Death Stranding: Story Summary & Ending Explained

Death Stranding is a game full of a lot of content and story. This summary reflects that and, fair warning, it’s a long one. Strap in for a wild ride.

Spoiler Warning For The Entire Game

Death Stranding, story

Years ago, an event occurred where the literal worlds of life and death collided, turning the dead into mysterious otherworldly creatures and forcing time into an odd relationship with humanity. This event was characterized by the first “voidout” where a freshly dead body becomes a catastrophic explosion that has the potential to wipe out entire cities.

This event, called the Death Stranding (cue title screen), turned the Earth upside down. However, we particularly focus on the United States in its aftermath with all of its cities cut off from each other.

Think of it as a second Dark Age. Communication is practically nonexistent between cities, American history has more or less been lost, and Americans are plagued by a disease known essentially as Death.

To transport materials like dead bodies or cargo across the rocky U.S. terrain, individuals and companies use porters. That’s where we come in.

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