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Death Stranding: How to Get & Use Hermatic Blood Grenades

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Death Stranding: How to Get & Use Hermatic Blood Grenades

There are certainly some unique weapons in Death Stranding. You’re probably already familiar with the fact that Sam’s ablutions can be turned into three different EX Grenade types by performing various, er, duties in the Private Room. But his blood is also lethal, too. Here’s how to get and use Hermatic blood grenades in Death Stranding.

First, let’s just warn you that if you’re looking for Hermatic Grenades before the final stages of episode two then think again –you won’t get them until you return to Capital Knot City after fixing up the distribution center and windfarm locations. It’s the last time you’ll go to Capital Knot City (in terms of story, at least) before heading westward to Port Knot City.

How to Get and Use Hermatic Blood Grenades in Death Stranding

Hermatic Grenades are anti-BT weapons that can actually destroy BTs, unlike the EX Grenades which only stun them. They’ll be critical during the game’s first boss fight, and for all subsequent BT encounters that go belly up.

Hermatic Grenades are used in tandem with Sam’s blood. Each toss of a grenade depletes Sam’s blood a little. Throw too many and he’ll go anemic and pass out.

To avoid that, you’ll also want to carry Blood Bags. Having these equipped will mean the Hermatic’s will draw blood from the bags instead of Sam. After each bag has been used, a new bag will take its place automatically. Used bags are useless to Sam, but they can be given back to a Bridges terminal in exchange for resources and likes.

To throw a Hermatic Grenade, equip the item by pressing right on the d-pad, then use L2 to aim and R2 to throw.

You will gain both Hermatic Grenades and Blood Bags at Capital Knot City, but after you’ve used them up you will need to fabricate new ones.

  • Hermatic Grenades cost 4 Chiral Crystals and 4 Resins.
  • Blood Bags cost 6 Chiral Crystals and 6 Ceramics.

That should be everything you need to know about how to get and use Hermatic blood grenades in Death Stranding. For more useful tips and guides on the game, do check out our extensive guide wiki.

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