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Death Stranding: How to Get a Gun

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Death Stranding: How to Get a Gun

Combat plays a smaller part in Death Stranding than most other games. The gameplay experience is more about item management and traversal, with survival mechanics adding a layer of strategy on top. That being said, you’ll still be packing heat with a few different weapons that can be used to take out human and BT enemies. Here’s how to get a gun in Death Stranding.

The first thing we’ll tell you is that if you’re wondering where to get a gun in the game’s opening two episodes then don’t bother –Death Stranding doesn’t give players an opportunity to get a firearm until episode three. You will have access to offensive weaponry in your EX and Hermatic Grenades, but there are no guns.

How to Get a Gun in Death Stranding

Episode two is when Death Stranding starts to open up a bit in terms of unlocking new mechanics and abilities. This includes getting a gun.

Once you’ve sat through the opening cutscenes of episode three and have been let loose in the open-world, you’ll be tasked with delivering packages to three different outposts: Engineer, Elder, Craftsman.

Your distance from those locations is in the order above and so you’ll likely find it easiest to go through them in that order. But if you want a gun quickly, then head to the Craftsman first instead.

It’s a bit of extra legwork and you’ll have to go through MULE territory to get there, but it’s worth it for the firepower.

Once you have delivered your Order to the Craftsman, he’ll task you with a fetch quest to get some repair tools. This isn’t an easy mission as it’ll take you into BT territory and the ground around the “Ruined Shelter” is very awkward to traverse. But needs must if you want a gun.

Brave the BTs, collect the repair tools from the shelter (they’re on the ground at the back), and return to the Craftsman. You will have earned his trust and he’l finally agree to get on the Chiral Network. Importantly, he’ll give you the blueprint for the Bola gun.

The Bola gun is your first gun in the game. It’s a non-lethal pistol that can be used to incapacitate human enemies. You can also fuse it with Sam’s blood to attack BTs.

Like all pieces of equipment in the game, the Bola gun will eventually run out and/or will get damaged. If you need to fabricate another it will cost 32 resin and 80 metals.

That should be everything you need to know about how to get a gun in Death Stranding. For more useful tips and tricks, check out our extensive guide wiki.

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