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Death Stranding: How to Cross Tar Belt

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Death Stranding: How to Cross Tar Belt

Death Stranding has been an enigma since its very first reveal, and even now that you have it loaded up your PS4 it’s still prone to keeping secrets from you. Although, in fairness, that’s mostly only in regards to the story; most of its gameplay systems and mechanics are well explained. Not so much, however, when it comes to how to cross the tar belt.

How to Cross the Tar Belt in Death Stranding

Crossing the Tar Belt is something you’ll have to do on your way to Edge Knot City. The trouble is, it’s an impenetrable quagmire of sticky goo that you simply can’t traverse across. Vehicles are a no go, your floating carrier can’t hover it’s way over the top, and don’t even think about trying to tough it out by wading through.

Instead, your only option is to embrace the BTs and let them drag you into their clutches. Yes, you need to get yourself intentionally caught to surf across the tar.

To do so, head along the shoreline from the broken bridge until you come to an area with BTs. Instead of fighting them, just let them suck you down into the bog. This will see you ejected along the tar belt and into the middle of its expanse.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of old buildings here that Sam can use as platforms to make some headway. Keep working your way west and be sure to avoid getting taken by the whales that attack you. Don’t even bother trying to fight them, just keep moving and you’ll eventually make it to the other side.

And that’s all there is to how to cross the tar belt in Death Stranding. For more helpful walkthroughs and mission tips, you can refer to Twinfinite’s extensive guide wiki page.

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