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Death Stranding: How to Beat Catchers

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Death Stranding: How to Beat Catchers

After a long wait and tons of build-up and mystery, Death Stranding is finally available on the PS4. While combat certainly isn’t the focus of the game, every now and then you’ll be forced to face off against the deadly BTs. Here’s how to beat Catchers in Death Stranding.

How to Beat Catchers in Death Stranding

Catchers are basically these really large, creature-like BTs that can catch up with you during a delivery. If you get caught in the tar-like substance that the BTs emit, for instance, a Catcher can drag you out of it and force you into a mini boss fight of sorts.

Thankfully, these guys are actually really easy to fight, and you don’t even need a gun.

During the fight, buildings and structures around you will start getting submerged in tar. You’ll want to find some high ground immediately to give yourself some space.

After that, equip your blood and hematic grenades and just start tossing them at the Catcher. The good news is that these guys are really slow and won’t do much damage to you until they get extremely close to you.

Because of that, as long as you’re on some high ground, you can safely start chucking grenades at them for big damage. It should take around eight to 10 or so grenades for you to completely deplete the Catcher’s health bar.

After dealing a bit of damage to it, it’ll sink back down into the tar, so just wait for it to resurface again before continuing your assault. Guns will work as well, but they need to be BT-compatible.

Alternatively, if you just have regular guns, you can throw a blood grenade at the Catcher, then fire the bullets through the blood smoke that appears to deal some extra damage.

To recap, here’s how to beat Catchers in Death Stranding:

  1. Be prepared with BT weapons.

    Firearms are nice, but not necessary at all if you have enough hematic grenades.

  2. Find some high ground and keep your distance from the Catcher.

  3. Start chucking grenades at it whenever it surfaces from the tar-like substance.

  4. Regular weapons can work as well. However, you need to shoot them through the blood smoke that gets emitted from grenades.

That’s all you need to know about how to beat Catchers in Death Stranding. Be sure to check our Death Stranding guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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