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Death Stranding: Where the Hot Spring Location Is (Soak and Sigh Trophy)

Death Stranding, Where to Find Hot Spring (Soak and Sigh Trophy)

Death Stranding: Where the Hot Spring Location Is (Soak and Sigh Trophy)

Death Stranding is flush with trophies that require you to explore the world, and the Soak and Sigh trophy is no exception. That’s why we’re here to show you where the hot spring location is so you can add the trophy to your collection.

Where the Hot Spring Location Is in Death Stranding

After opening up the Central Region of Death Stranding’s world, you’ll have a slew of new locations you can travel to and explore. For the Soak and Sigh trophy through, you’ll want to head to one area in particular: The Crater Digestive Bath found to the south of the Central Region, visible as a brown crater from the game’s map.

Head toward the location where the player marker is on the map above. Then, press and hold the circle button to take a bath in the hot spring.

You’ll then be treated to a cinematic of Sam entering the hot spring, after which he and BB will relax in the water until you press the Circle button again to make Same get out.

How to Prompt the Soak and Sigh Trophy

As for getting Death Stranding’s Soak and Sigh trophy to prompt, it should trigger as soon as you exit the hot spring. However, it can be finicky if you don’t stay in long enough.

If the Soak and Sigh trophy doesn’t prompt after you exit the Hot Spring, try re-entering it and waiting a full minute to exit and return to your game. The trophy should prompt before long, crossing another collectible off of your to-do list.

And that’s all there is to it really. Hopefully this made figuring out where to find the hot spring location and how to get the Soak and Sigh trophy a little easier.

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