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Borderlands 3: Rumble in the Jungle Side Mission Guide

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Borderlands 3: Rumble in the Jungle Side Mission Guide

Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K, Borderlands 3 marks the return of the original looter shooter game, and it comes with a whole host of fun main and side missions to get into. Here’s how to clear the Rumble in the Jungle side mission in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Rumble in the Jungle Side Mission Guide

First things first, you’ll need to progress through the main story campaign until you reach the planet Eden-6. During the Family Jewel mission, you’ll come across this quest in the Voracious Canopy area.

The first half of the mission is really straightforward, only requiring you to proceed to the objective markers and clearing out jabber infestations in three different areas. After you’ve collected all three Scientist Journals along the way, you’ll be led deeper into the Experimental Forest where your trials will begin.

Trials of Agony, Strength, and Wisdom

The first two Trials in the Rumble in the Jungle mission are fairly simple; you just need to kill the enemies that spawn and head to your objective markers to proceed.

However, for the Trial of Wisdom, after clearing out the enemies, you’ll be asked to jump into the chasm. There are actually two ways to approach this objective.

You can choose to jump straight in, but that will kill you and cost you money when you respawn. This will count towards clearing the objective, and allow you to progress. However, you can also just stand at the objective marker and wait without jumping in.

Eventually, you’ll be allowed to progress as well, and there don’t seem to be any change in quest rewards and outcomes for choosing either way.

King Bobo and Queen iOsaur

After speaking with King Bobo, you’ll be sent to pick up key items all over the map again before you’re given your next trial.

After killing the waves of enemies, you’ll have to face both King Bobo and Queen iOsaur together. The good news is that they aren’t particularly hard to beat, as they’ll damage each other periodically, so it’s recommended that you try to defeat both of them at the same time instead of focusing on one over another.

In addition to that, once you take down a boss, even if you happen to die and respawn, the boss will remain dead, making your job easier.

Completing this mission in Borderlands 3 will reward you with money and experience.

That’s all you need to know about how to clear the Rumble in the Jungle mission in Borderlands 3. Be sure to check our Borderlands 3 guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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